10. Copyright and Exemption from Declaration

Copyright© Beijing Tsinew Technologies Co., Ltd. 2019. All rights reserved.
    Without the written permission of the company, no unit or individual is allowed to extract or copy part or all of the contents of this document. And shall not be transmitted in any form.

Exemption from declaration
    To the maximum extent permitted by law, the devices described in this manual (including its hardware, software, firmware, etc. Informal writing) are provided "by the status quo," and may have defects, errors or faults. Tsinew Technology does not provide any form of express or implied warranties, including but not limited to the warranties of merchantability, quality satisfaction, fitness for a specific purpose, noninfringement of the rights of third parties, etc. Informal writing ; nor Compensation for any special, incidental, incidental or indirect damages caused by the use of this manual or the use of our devices.
    Before using this device, please read this user manual and relevant technical documents published on the Internet in detail and understand relevant information to ensure the manipulator is used on the premise of fully understanding the manipulator and its related knowledge. Tsinew Technology recommends that you use this manual under the guidance of professionals. All safety information contained in this manual shall not be regarded as the guarantee of Mirobot. Even if the manual and relevant instructions are followed, the hazards or losses caused in the use process may still occur.
    It is the responsibility of the users of this device to ensure that the applicable laws and regulations of the relevant countries are followed and that there are no significant risks in the use of Tsinew Technology manipulator.

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