11. Cautions and Disclaimers

    Before using the Mirobot Bluetooth remote control, please read the product manual carefully. The operation and system developers of the Bluetooth remote control must first read the manual carefully and use this remote control strictly in accordance with the operation guide.

Observe the following when using a Bluetooth remote control:
    •When placing the remote control, be sure to handle it gently. Follow the instructions on the packing box and place it in the direction of the arrow. Otherwise, the machine may be damaged.
    •Please use the remote control within the specified environment. Use beyond the conditions of the remote control will shorten the service life and even damage the equipment, causing personal injury and property damage.
    •Do not place the Bluetooth remote control in a humid environment or immerse it in liquid. The short circuit of the internal circuit will damage the remote control. When you accidentally spill water on the remote control, you should immediately turn off the power and wait for the remote control to be used in natural air-dry conditions.
    •Children must be monitored by adults during use. It is strictly forbidden for children to bite the remote control button.
    •If this product is discarded, please follow relevant laws to properly dispose of industrial waste and protect the environment.

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