Appendix II

Mirobot Firmware Upgrade Tutorial

Note: Only WLKATA Studio v1.014 and above supports firmware upgrade of control software.
    The process of firmware upgrade:

    Step 1: Use USB cable to connect the robotic arm and computer. Turn on the power.

    Step 2: Open the WLKATA Studio software, enter the "Settings" interface, and click "Update Firmware".

    Step 3: Click "Upload" in the pop-up window to update the firmware.

    Wait for the prompt of Wlkata studio firmware refresh success.

Note: After the firmware upgrade is completed, the Wlkata studio software will automatically send the initial data of each axis before the firmware upgrade, which can directly home the robotic arm. If Wlkata studio does not send the initial data, it is necessary to manually calibrate and home the robotic arm. (refer to "Mirobot Calibration Tutorial" for manual calibration).

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