Interface description

Interface board of the manipulator

    The interface is located at the back of the base of the WLKATA Mirobot , and the schematic diagram of the base interface is shown in Figure below.
    The PIN of the extended communication interface and the definition of each pin is shown in Figure below.
    •Ex0 represents the output of pwm1, and EX1 represents the output of pwm2. 1b, 2b, 1a, and 2A refer to the four interfaces of the external sliding rail stepping motor.

PIN and Pin definition of back extension communication interface of substructure

pin definition
1 RX_2
2 TX_2
3 RX_3
4 TX_3
6 -
8 -
9 5V
10 -
11 EX0
12 EX1
13 2B
14 1B
15 2A
16 1A

Interface board of the Extender Box

    The WLKATA Mirobot external communication interface needs to be connected with the external expansion interface board (the Extender Box) by using an IDC cable. The common external interface board of WLKATA Mirobot and the Pin definition is shown in Figure below.

WLKATA Mirobot general external interface board (Extender Box) and the Pin definition diagram
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