2. Using the TEACHING function

Step 1. Click "TEACHING" to enter the interface.

Step 2. Choose control mode

    In the Angle Mode, the position parameters of each axis are recorded; in the Coordinate Mode, the position and posture parameters of the robot arm end are recorded. Choose the “Coord Mode” here.

DO NOT Change the control mode during the same TEACHING & PLAY file/task, or the point data after switching the mode would be discordant and cause illegal motions.

Step 3. Add teaching point

    Click the - + control buttons on the right panel of WLKATA Studio to move the joints (under the ROBOT JOINT MODE) / or the position and attitude of the End-effector (under the COORDINATE MODE) to the wanted position. When adjusted to a satisfactory position point, click the Add Point button to add a teaching point.

Adding the teaching points under the TEACHING function

    After adding the first teaching point, one could continue to adjust the position and posture of the manipulator, and then click the Add Point button to add the second and the third teaching point... until all teaching points are added.

Step 4. Edit the property of teaching points:

    •Editing the teaching point in-line: double left-click on the top of the cell you want to edit --> input the desired value --> single left-click in blank area / or press Enter to confirm your edit.

Editing the teaching point in-line
    •Editing the teaching point by the right panel: single right-click on the top of the line you want to edit --> choose Edit in the pop-up manu --> adjust the value in the right panel -> move the mouse arrow back to the teaching point line you want to edit and single right-click on the top of the line again --> choose Update in the pop-up manu to apply the value on the right panel to the selected teaching point line.
Editing the teaching point by the right-side panel

Step 5. Using the basic functions

    New: clear the current task and start again.
    Open: lookup and open a Teaching & Play file created by WLKATA Studio earlier.
    Save: save the task in chosen directory.
    Delete: delete a teaching point line.
    Down and Up: change the order of a teaching point line.
    Undo and Redo: undo or redo the previous operation.
    Copy and Paste: copy the line and paste to the selected teaching point.

Step 6. Run and step run of the record

    Click Run button in the panel to realize the whole recurrence of the recorded teaching points in the list. Click the Step button in the panel to realize the single-step movement of the recorded teaching point one-by-one in the list. teaching point line.

The continuous run and single-step run of teaching points in the TEACHING funtion
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