Appendix I

WLKATA Mirobot Calibration Operation

Calibration Operation Procedure:
    The Mirobot is calibrated before leaving the factory. In each time the manipulator finishes the HOMING action, the joint 1, joint 2, joint 3, joint 4 and joint 5 should be homed to the pre-designed homing position.
    After the HOMING action, if one or more of the joints is/are not in the pre-designed homing position, one need to re-calibrate the manipulator. The Calibration procedure is explained as below:

    Step 1: Turn on the power of the robotic arm. Open the "COMMAND" interface of Mirobot Studio software, enter "M50" and click "Send" to unlock each axis.
    Step 2: Enter the "SETTING" interface, click "Calibration-Start".
    Step 3: In JOINT MODE, control each axis to the corresponding position by adjusting the "J1~J6" on the right side of the interface.
Note: The 4th axis must be adjusted through negative steps (J4-). There has No special requirements for other axes. The 6th axis does not need Calibration.
Joint 1 homing position reference    Joint 2 homing position reference    Joint 3 homing position reference
Joint 4 homing position reference    Joint 5 homing position reference
Pre-designed homing position of the Joint 1 to Joint 5

    Step 4: After each axis rotates to the corresponding position, enter the "STTING" interface again and click "Finish".

    Step 5: After completing the calibration, click HOMING. The posture of the robot arm after homing is shown in the figure below.
The correct manipulator position after a successful HOMING action
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