6. Using the Pneumatic Set

    The pneumatic set includes a Pneumatic Unit, three pneumatic tools (a Suction Cup, a 2-Finger Gripper and a Universal Ball Gripper) and the wire connector. Please follow the instruction in below to install and use the Pneumatic Unit correctly.

Power off the manipulator before installing the Pneumatic Set, or it could cause damage to the circuits of Pneumatic Unit or Extender Box.

    (1) Power off the manipulator.
    (2) Install the wanted pneumatic tool by screwing it on the tip of the end-effector with supplied hex screwdriver.
    (3) Before plugging the gripper wire connector into the Extender Box unit, trim off the fix protrusions on the wire connector to allow re-plug-in. Otherwise, the wire connector will be hardly unplugged from the socket.
    (4) Plug one end of the wire connector into the lower-second socket position (PUMP) on the Extender Box unit.
    (5) Plug the other end of the wire connector into the Pneumatic Unit.
    (6) Link the air pipe on the Pneumatic Unit with the metal air outlet on the pneumatic tool.
    (7) Link the Extender Box with the Mirobot by using the supplied IDC cable.

The method of connecting the Pneumatic Set with the manipulator
    (8) Control the pneumatic tool status (suction cup on and off): The pneumatic tool can be controlled under the COMMAND, TEACHING and BLOCKLY functions in the WLKATA Studio:
    ⇒In the COMMAND page, control the pneumatic tool by click the End-effect on and End-effector off buttons on the right panel.
    ⇒In the TEACHING page, control the pneumatic tool by editing the Trigger cell and Value cell of the teaching point line.

Controlling the pneumatic tool in the TEACHING function
    ⇒In the BLOCKLY page, control the pneumatic tool by drag and edit the Suction Cup module which can be found in the Motion panel.

Controlling the pneumatic tool in the BLOCKLY function
    (9) When finish using the gripper, Power off the manipulator, and unplug the IDC cable from the back of manipulator.

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