Appendix III

Trouble shooting list of WLKATA Studio and Mirobot

    1.Upgrading to a newer version WLKATA Studio
    You could find and download the newest version of WLKATA Studio on
    Before installing a new version of WLKATA Studio, remember to clear the local record of Wlkata Studio in the AppData directory:
    (1) Go to the directory of C:\User(User Name)\AppData\Local\ , delete the whole folder of Wlkata Studio in this file path.
    (2) Find the old version of Wlkata Studio.exe directory, and delete the whole folder.
    (3) Decompress the new version of WLKATA Studio software package to a local root directory such as D:\ or E:\ to avoid potential foreign language character disturb.
    (4) Double-click Wlkata Studio.exe in the directory and start to use the WLKATA Mirobot.
    2.If you want to put the Mirobot back into the box, please adjust the Mirobot to the position shown below.

    3.The first axis sensor failure problem
    (we will resolve this hardware issue in the next version of WLKATA Mirobot)
    Cause: The sensor plug is loose or the one-axis screw is loose, resulting in the sensor not detecting the magnet. Follow the steps in below to solve this problem:
    Firstly, tighten this screw a little bit:

    Secondly, in the WLKATA studio, do the next 8 steps:

step item
1 Enter $ 20 = 0 and $ 21 = 0 (Remove software limit)
2 Enter M50 to unlock the motor
3 Click J1 to turn the first axis to the position of the scale line to align
4 Click Homing to see if the reset is successful
5 Stop immediately if the magnet position is exceeded
6 If you still have any questions, please contact customer service
7 If successful, please enter $ 20 = 1 and $ 21 = 1
8 Then you should be able to use it normally
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