5. Using the DRAWING function

    The overall process:

Step 1. Installing the pen

    (1) Install the pen-holder module and the pen.
        •Fix the pen holder to the end of the robotic arm.
        •Tighten the jackscrew with M1.5 hex key, and fix the pen holder on the end motor shaft of the robotic arm.
        •Insert the pen into the holder from top.
        •Tighten the nut of the holder.

Installing the pen-holder module and the pen
    (2) Drawing on a smooth White board to minimize the surface force of friction; or prepare a thin soft cushion and place it under the paper to provide additional buffering during drawing.
Recommending to draw on smooth White board or placing a thin soft cushion under the paper to provide buffering

Step 2. Set the pen height

    We need to set the height of the pen first before drawing. Please follow the below instruction:
        •Connect the power supply and USB cable of Mirobot, and press the switch on button on the base.
        •Open the Mirobot Studio software. Confirm there is "CONNECTED" in the upper left corner, switch to the DRAWING panel, then click "HOMING" to reset the robotic arm.
        •After the manipulator back to the homing position, click the Z- button to adjust the height of the pen tip until it just touches the paper.
        •When the pen is closer to the paper, you can set the Step to "1".
        •The value of Z axis shall between around -10 and 35. Be careful not to over-adjust the Z axis position lower than it need to be, or the pen tip would hit the desktop too hard, interrupt the pen from moving and even cause damages to the joints.
        •When the pen tip is just touches the paper, click Set Pen Height button to set this pen height for the DRAWING function. c

Setting the pen height before drawing

Step 3. Letting the manipulator draw

    After setting the pen height, the right panel will be automatically switched from “Pen Set” to the “Pattern Selection" panel sector.
    •To add a graph from existing files, you can either choose an example from the Examples in the upper right “Pattern Selection" panel sector, or insert a graph by click Insert button. The graph you have chosen should be shown in the center canvas.

    •To add a text graph, typing in the lower right panel and click Add button, and the text you have typed should be placed in the center canvas.
    •To add a mouse drawing graph, click the Edit | Draw button to switch from the Edit mode to the Draw mode. And then you can use your mouse as a pen to draw on the center canvas.
    •To adjust the size and position of the graph, ensure the Edit | Draw button is in the Edit mode  click the graph in the canvas and a resize frame would appear around the graph. Adjust the corners to resize the graph and drag the inner frame to change the position of the graph.
    •To delete the unwanted graph on the canvas, ensure the Edit | Draw button is in the Edit mode  choose the unwanted graph on the canvas  click Delete button.
    •To start over from a blank canvas, click New button to clear the canvas.
    •To start the drawing, click Run button, and the manipulator will draw the graph(s) on the canvas.
Drawing by WLKATA Mirobot
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